The Best Secrets for Blowdrying

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Whether you work at a Beauty Salon or you do your own hair, you want the same result: ridiculously gorgeous hair. That’s the reason why we have tried several techniques and followed top of the line tips from a vast number of hair experts and compiled them on this post for all hair lengths.

If your hair is short :Start by spritzing a leave-in conditioner from roots to ends (if your hair is hair, apply just on the bottom half). Then clip up the top section of hair. Starting at the back, blow-dry using a flat brush to sweep hair forward (this keeps it from getting puffy). Repeat on the sides. Let down the front. Blow-dry bangs using the Bang Control Hair Brush first, smoothing them with the brush from one side, then to the other. Unclip the rest and work back toward your crown until the top is all dry. To finish, rub a tiny dab of pomade between your fingers and pull it through the ends for a piece-y effect

If you have medium length hair  Use a voluminizer spray at the roots to add body, then apply leave-in. Blow dry your bangs with  a big, round brush, pulling them straight out from your forehead and aim the dryer's nozzle toward their ends. Dry the sides and ends without a brush until they're 95 percent done. Clip up the top and finish drying those sections, using the brush to pull hair taut, aiming the nozzle toward the ends.For the top section pull it straight up and point the dryer up too, this helps to lock in the lift.

If your hair is long Use a tiny bit of shine serum on the ends of your hair while it's damp then blow-dry all of your hair without a brush until most of the moisture is gone. Pull up the top sections of hair and clip them. Starting at the back, wind small sections of hair from the ends up to the scalp around a ceramic brush and hit with the heat until dry. Unravel hair from the brush. As you do, rotate your wrist so the hair curls on itself, forming a loose ringlet. Repeat until all hair is dry.

Do you have any secrets on blowdrying hair? Please let us know in the comments section below.


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