How to choose the right brush for your hair type

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The Battle of the Hair Brushes

When it comes to makeup brushes we got it all clear, most of them have their names and uses written on their handles, so we know that a powder brush is not meant to we use to apply  our liquid foundation and so on, but when it comes to hair is a whole different story. They came in all sorts of sizes and shapes and sometimes we just grab a brush without knowing its specific purpose or function. Choosing he right brush makes a huge difference on any hairstyle. If your blowout is not coming as it should there’s a huge chance that it’s all your old hair brush fault. That's why we have selected and tried  these hair brushes and will let you know  which one is good for your hair type and style.

Uses: As the name implies, this comb is used to detangle the hair, wet or dry
Pro- tip: You can also use this brush to Blow-Dry your hair and save a lot of time as it is larger than most brushes it will allow you to work freely and in less time.

Uses: This brush is perfect for smoothing, styling, & finishing your hairstyle.
Pro- tip: Nylon bristles penetrate and control hair strands. they help distribute the scalp’s natural oils to your hair. Grab this brush if you need to create a sleek ponytail. If your hair type is Curly you should stay away from this brush as it might create frizz.

Uses: Use it on wet hair to create a smooth, silky blowout. Round bristle brushes also help create serious volume.
Pro-tip: Make sure that you create tension while blow drying for sleeker result. The bigger the barrel the faster the blow out will be.

Uses: This brush is designed for people who are looking to add volume, curl, or straighten.

Pro-tip: As this brush helps evenly distribute the heat to prevent over drying & damage, if you are a newbie at blow drying you should try it.


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