5 Tips to DIY the Perfect Blowout

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If you are like me you hate waisting hours waiting for your stylist to do your hair, yet none else blowouts your hair as good. Luckily for you, we have tried several methods and compiled them in this post for you to learn how to achieve a perfect blowout at home. All you need is a good hair brush and these pro tips.

Use a Hair Mask

Hair masks have an amazing deep-conditioning effect on the hair's outer cuticle. After using a hair mask for just 10 minutes the nourishing ingredients will start acting leaving even the driest over processed hair looking extremely shiny,  more manageable than before and super soft, which will make it an easy peasy for you to work with.

Do no Wrap

The second trick for a perfect at home blowout and for keeping your hair smooth after rinsing your hair mask is not to wrap in in a towel. Instead use a t-shirt and bloat the water from the scalp to ends. Using a tee will cause less friction and therefore less frizz.

Add a Product

Heat protector is always a must to avoid damages, but what really makes a difference are the other products your stylist is using. If your hair is flat a volumizing spray will help. If you want straight hair a styling balm or serum will work for you.

Choose the right Brush

The difference between a turn heads around blowout and a blah one is in your brush. Choosing the right hair brush will make your blowout look professional. The Brushlab Thermal Ceramic Brushes have a ceramic coated barrel which helps evenly distribute hair to prevent over drying & damage. They also make the blow drying time shorter.

Pin it

If you are a regular visitor to the blow dry bar you've seen your stylist add pin curls to your hair. They don't just do it for fun, the fact is that pin curling each two inch section after drying it helps achieving volume and contributes to the longevity of your blow out.

After following this 5 easy steps for a perfect DIY blowout prepare to unleash gorgeous hair!


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