3 Ways to Make your Blowout Last Longer

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We all love the look of a fresh blowout, but to be honest they tend to be really time consuming. If you'll like to sleep for 1/2 an hour more every morning or just chill out and have more me time every day, then this post is for you. Wether you get a salon blowout or at home, here's how to make your blowout last longer, so that you can rock your locks all week long.

1. Less is more
You know that product that makes your hair super sleek? Well don't apply THAT much, it turns out that hair styling creams and serums can weight down your hair and make the blowout last less.
You'll be just fine just by using a few drops.

2. Is your hair not looking as it should?
Try this super easy Blowout tutorial.

3. Curl it

You won't believe how easy it is to style dirty hair. It stays in place plus there won't be any fly aways.
Apply Dry Shampoo to your roots along with Kendi Oil to your hair  and begin to curl. The waves will help you cover the dirtiness.

How do you make your blowout last longer? Please let us know in the comments section below.


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