DIY Coffee Scrub

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Do you love coffee and having soft skin? Then this scrub will become your BFF. It will give your skin an energy boost, help fight cellulite, repair and soften your skin.

Coffee is full of antioxidants and beneficial nutrients that can help you improve your skin appearance. This scrub also contains coconut oil which improves moisture and lipid contain of your skin.
It is super easy to do and all you'll need:
1.One Cup of organic coffee grinds
2. Three Tablespoons of Organic Coconut Oil
3. One Tablespoon of Organic Olive Oil
Mix everything in a mason jar. Rub it on your face, neck and body. Rinse after you are done.

I tried it my self and loved the results. My skin was softer after I used it and it help me unclog my pores. I also used it on body and it helped with the in-grow hairs on my legs. 
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Here are mine!


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