3 Super Easy Hair Tutorials for Summer


Summer is just around the corner. Time to have fun in the sun and refresh by the beach. We know that you'll try to stay away as often as possible from heating tools due to the high temperatures, so we did some research and compiled 3 of the cutest and easiest hair tutorials for you to try this summer.

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A quick and easy boho braid that will get you out of trouble in no time!

To start put your hair into side ponytail.

Then divide your hair into two sections above the elastic band then loop the ponytail through and pull it towards your neck, as in steps 2 and 3.

Continue dividing and looping your hair all the way down the ponytail and tie off with an elastic after each section. Each section should be around 2 inches.

The final touch is to pull the hair on the sides of each section to give volume and a messy boho look as in step 7.

Via A Life Time of Rain.

When we saw this tutorial on one of our favorite blogs A Beautiful Mess, we knew it was a must try!
Step One: Gather up a ponytail, but separate a section of hair on each side in the front and leave that loose.
Step Two: Take a section of hair on your left side of the head and separate it into a top layer and a bottom layer. Take the top layer in your left hand.
Step Three: Cross the section of hair over to the right side of your head, above the ponytail. Use a bobby pin to pin in place.
Step Four: Take the top section of hair on the right side of your head and cross over the left section. See that little tail hanging out of your first section? Grab that as you are crossing the right section of hair over. Pin in place.
Step Five: Take your remaining section of hair on the left side and cross that over to the right. Don't forget to grab that little tail and incorporate it into your section before you pin. Pin in place just over your ponytail elastic.
Step Six: Take your remaining section of hair on the right (and that little leftover tail, if you have one) and cross it over to the left side. Pin in place.
Steps Seven & Eight: If you have a short tail hanging out of your last crossover piece, you can just pin it under the ponytail. If you have a long tail remaining, grab a section from each side of your ponytail and wrap around the elastic. Pin in place. Once you are done you should have a fancy ponytail!


This hair style by the beautiful Kayleigh from Forever yours Beauty  is your best option to keep your bangs off your face during Summer's hottest days.

Step 1
Part your hair by separating the bangs. Secure the remaining hair back into a low bun.
Step 2
Take a small top section of bangs and separate it into three different strands. Cross the Face strand under the middle, then the Back strand under the middle. (Like a basic Dutch Braid/Inverted French Braid)
Step 3
Take a small vertical section of the bangs with your thumb and add it to the Back strand. Cross the Face strand under the middle, then the Back strand under the middle (repeat this step till the braid is finished by the ear).
Step 4
Now braid regularly with the remaining hair. Pin it behind the ear. You could also let the hair down and pin the end of the braid over the hair.

Which hairstyle will you be trying first tell us on the comments section below!


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