Spring Cleaning: How to Clean your Hair Brush +Giveaway

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Whenever we hear the term "Spring Cleaning"our head automatically pictures ourselves putting away those winter clothes and cleaning our houses from top to bottom. But we often forget that we need to take care of those items that come to close contact with our bodies every day, and one of the most common forgotten item to clean is our hairbrush. Most likely you use your hairbrush at least once a day, and when you do so, you are transferring product buildup, grease, dandruff, and even dust to your hairbrush. Without you even noticing next time you wash your hair and brush it (with the same yucky brush) all that  dirt will be flowing back to your hair from your brush, unless you clean it!
Your hair won't be the only one thanking you, so will your pocket: a well maintained brush will last longer! This method is super easy and shouldn't take you more than 5 minutes to complete it.


1. Using a pointed object ( rat tail comb, a pencil, a tooth pick...) remove the hair that is trapped on the bristles. If you find the hair hard to get or if your brush has collected a substantial amount of hair you can use scissors to cut the hair being careful not to touch the bristles.

2. Fill a bowl with warm water and add a few drops of clarifying shampoo. Soak your brush for about two minutes, at this point if there's any hair left it should be soften so you may proceed to remove it.

3. Rinse your brush and allow it to dry on a towel. If you are in a hurry you can always speed the process with the help of your blow dryer .

How often do you clean your hairbrushes? How do you do it? Please let us know on the comments section below.

Now for the fun part! We are giving away a Brushlab Hairbrush and a Shampoo so that you can enjoy your clean and beautiful hair. Enter  for a chance to be the lucky winner by answering the questions on the Giveaway Tools Box below.

Photo Credit: Postcards from Rachel.


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