Katie Holmes' Caviar Hair Look

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Credit Alterna
Katie Holmes has been selected as spokesperson for Alterna. She has rocked both pixie haircut and long locks. Katie is an an avid believer in the power of Alterna products: "If I had to pick one word to describe what happens to my hair when I use Alterna, it would have to be transformation"

One of the main problems that women face on their hair is aging. You might be 25 years old but all the damage and harsh chemicals you've put on your hair throughout the years are making your hair look like 65. Aged hair looks dry and brittle, it has lost its shine, looks and feels more coarse and less soft, it lacks the vibrancy of young hair, and it is harder to manage.

Fortunately the products within the Caviar line address all these problems. They contain caviar extract which is a source of fatty Omega-3 acids that deliver moisture, shine and elasticity. Seasilk is a blend of marine botanicals that provides intense hydration. Their proprietary age control complex which is a combination of powerful ingredients specifically formulated to revitalize hair, brings back hair's silky radiance, super hydrates to dramatically improve the look and texture of your hair. This products are prefect for anyone who has dry, dull damaged hair, heat damaged hair, colored or treated hair, and anyone experiencing split ends and breakage.

Credit Aleterna

Your hair needs a transformation! Go from dull, boring and frizzy to smooth, soft and voluminous hair. Alterna's ingredients deliver pure, powerful benefits, with products that are free of Parabens, Sulfates, Phtalates and other harsh unnecessary  additives.

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