4 Essential Brushes You'll Need this 2014

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Want your days to start with better and healthier looking hair?
The key is in your hairbrush. If you've ever been at a beauty salon you might have noticed the ginormous amount of brushes that they use, and of course we all love the results that we obtain after visiting  the beauty parlor, but how on earth do they do it? Do they have a magic potion or tricks? The key once again my friends is in the hair brushes.

You might not be familiar with the power and life changing experience of switching your hair brush, but we can not tell you enough what a huge difference you will notice once you find the right brush for your hair type. We invite you to give these brushes a try and start noticing the amazing results.

The Round Ceramic Brush

This brush is a must have for your at home blow-out. Its heat resistant nylon bristles will react will help you achieve smoother hair.  The thermal ceramic barrel will help distribute heat evenly, and as a result you'll be able to blow dry your hair in less time.  (Brushlab {Fresh} Thermal Round Jumbo Hair Brush US$ 16.98, additional barrel sizes available)

Want voluminous hair? The key is in the teasing.  Teeze w eez is not your grandmother’s teasing comb. Take it as high as you like for an extreme up do or just give it a little lift to unleash the glam   One stroke is like multiple strokes due to the multiple anti-static stainless steel pin design. Backcomb in one fourth of the time and have a smooth finish to comb back through. The pick end allows one to lift and separate segments of hair for easy and fluid teasing. (Teeze w eez Purple Teasing Comb US$16.48)

The Boar Bristle

This brush will be an essential key of your hair routine, its bristles help stimulate your scalp while distributing your hair's natural oils making it look smooth and silky throughout the day. (Brushlab Diamond Wood Oval Cushion Hairbrush US$12.98)

This comb is a must keep in your shower, it is essential for detangling your hair after applying conditioner. If you have curly hair this comb will be your BFF as it will help you detangle your hair without damaging your beautiful locks. Also this specific comb features a blend of essential oils that will nurture your hair: Argan oil helps hydrate and repair damaged hair while smoothing the hair cuticle for a conditioned, healthy look. Olive oil delivers luxurious shine while leaving hair soft, silky, and smooth. Keratin for improved strength, shine, and manageability while reducing frizz. (Cricket Conditioning Oil Comb US$5.98)

Check out our girl Brittany Lander's Hair Essentials: Brushes for 2014 on this video:

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  1. Is completely true!!! I have three of them that you are recommending!! For my hair routine I don't dispense my boar bristle brush from Wildgood, it's amazing and I'm having a very very good results and this brush is completely ecological and the bristles are 100% boar (it's important choose a good boar bristle brush, they are expense but is a good option spend some money in this kind of brushes and I recommend this brush from my experience) e after that, for finished my hair when I'm drying, I’m using the round ceramic brush from Termix, it's very good for smooth my hair!!! And also, I'm using the comb for detangling my hair after applying conditioner. Now miss me try the teaser!! I'm according with you, these are the brushes that we must have!!!! Good article!!!


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