Look your Best this New Year

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We all want to achieve that perfect magazine cover look, on this post we will give you all the tricks you'll need to look your Best this New Year.

Scarlett Johansson “Marilyn” blonde for Dolce & Gabbana make-up campaign

1. Makeup is your BFF
  Well as you might already know nobody is perfect. Makeup your new BFF (Best Friend Forever) will help you hide most of your imperfections. Use a tinted moisturizer like the Balm Shelter to even out your skin tone. A highlighter is a product that can dramatically change your look, when used the right way it will give you a glowing look that will make people ask: what's different you look amazing!

2.  Remove your Make Up Every night.
We just told you to wear it, but as mentioned before makeup is your BFF and you should give your Best Friend a break before going to sleep . It doesn't matter what kind of makeup you normally wear: mineral, natural or organic, or just regular name brands, you must remove it before going to sleep. Your eyes in particular are the most sensitive area of your face and can easily get dehydrated, which can lead to wrinkles and premature aging.


3. Dry Brush your Skin

Get rid of all those toxins, dead skin and improve your circulation by dry brushing your skin. Dry brushing your skin is really easy and shouldn't take more that a couple of minutes from your busy day. You will notice a huge difference! You can learn more about dry brushing here.

4. Take Good Care of your Hair

Silky, smoothly hair is not impossible to achieve, it is way easier than what you might think. Using the right tools you can transform dull and boring hair into shinny and voluminous sexy hair. An important step in getting your hair into good shape is to moisturize, also invest in a good ceramic barrel brush like  the Brushlab Fresh Curls  to achieve the perfect blow out at home.

5. Keep a positive attitude

Last but not least we recommend that you keep it positive, concentrating on those great  features that you love about your body, nurturing your soul and surrounding yourself with those things that make you happy.
Beauty comes from within!

Have a lovely New Year!


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