Kim Kardashian's Voluminous Blow Out!


Kim Kardashian's hair looks so beautiful and shiny on the picture, that we must admit we feel a little bit of hair envy on Kim's hair. Let's face it none likes having flat, dull and boring hair. We are all after volume, shine and awesomeness. So we did a little bit of research and found this tutorial on and wanted to share it with you, so that you can volume up your hair on 5 easy steps.

1. Start with clean wet hair, pad dry your hair with a towel to squeeze any excess of water, this will help you rough your cuticles so that they won't lay flat.

2. Tug your roots and blow dry them to give them that extra heigh.
3. Clip your hair and leave a 2-inch section, place your round brush underneath and proceed to blow-dry pulling both tools in downward motion at the same time.  Twirl your brush at the ends to curl them. Repeat this until the hair is dry.
4. Once your hair is dry gather the strands above your ears and pull towards the ceiling. Apply heat to your roots for about 10 seconds.
5. The last step is to push your strands to one side of your head, and blow dry your roots once again. Repeat this on the other side and you are ready to go!

What are your tips for a voluminous blow out? Please let us know in the comments section.



  2. A good blow out do wonders and that's something I'm yet to learn. (And I'm kind of a hair savy...)

    Please help me with a bit more direction. I followed your instructions but I ended up with poofy straw like hair, just like I always do when I try it myself. Coming from the salon my hair looks like I was born that way but I cannot replicate the look.

    I have very long straightish hair (straight roots, undefined waves at the bottom) and it looked ok up to my shoulders but the ends of it, all the way to my hip, looked really weird. It was like every strand for itself, no hair locks, it wouldn't sit together. It took me almost an hour and I couldn't even wear it down, let alone have amazing hair for three days!

    Do you have any idea what am I doing wrong? My hair is thin, "floaty" and I have layers. It is naturally very shiny but after the blow out it looked dull. Plus, my roots looked more polished before the blow out than after. Any pointers are highly appreciated.

    Thank you! ;3


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