Back to School Hair Tutorials

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The time has come to go back to school. Are you sad that the Summer it's almost over or excited for what's to come?

We know that going back to school can be stressful and some days you might even  not have time to style your hair.
But with a little help from our BFF: Pinterest, your talent and creativity, and of course some of our products you would be able to rock these awesome looks in little to no time.

The High Bun

The High Bun is on the top of our back to school hair styles.
Why? Because high buns are super easy and yet look super stylish.
They are an awesome alternative to beat bad hair days.
Watch Carlibel's Tutorial on how to do this bun in under 5 minutes, which makes this hairstyle perfect for those days when you hit the snooze button. She used this brush.

The Knotted Pony Tail

Here is a great alternative to the boring ponytail.

By adding a few twists here and there, dividing your hair into two sections and knotting it once or twice (depending on your hair length)  secure everything with an elastic and make sure to smooth the ends with a rat tail brush like this. You can also try to run a few braids through your ponytail and have something that looks new and chic!

When everything else fails accessorize! 
Hair Accessories are the number one choice when you have little to no time to handle bad hair days.
They are fun and versatile and in most cases will distract the attention from your messy hair.
You can check our selection of hair accessories here.

If you still need more ideas, make sure to check our hair do's board on Pinterest!

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  1. You tried something new!! Good for you! I’m always afraid I’ll mess up when I try
    new stuff. elegant hairstyles What made you decide to try something new? I’d like to get motivated.
    Maybe you have some ideas you can share.


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