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You are finally going on vacation. Time to relax, enjoy, travel to a new city, a different culture or maybe another part of the world.
We did some research, so that the next time you travel you can actually maximize every single second of your  traveling experience.
The first thing we do after booking our vacation is thinking what are we going to do? Which clothes are we taking with us? How will the weather be? You might end up wanting to pack you entire closet and even your whole house because you never know, right?

Less is more!
Our first packing tip will be to try to fit everything into one suitcase if it is your carry-on even better! This will save you a lot of time from having to check in the baggages to  deciding what to wear every day, the less you pack the more time you will have to have fun!

Keep it comfy!
The last thing you want to feel is uncomfortable. Wether you are taking a plane or going on  a road trip, wear your most trendy yet comfortable flats. These will go well with shorts, skinny jeans, dresses and skirts. They are practical and versatile at the same time. Go for ones with embellished details to make them stand out.  Another useful tip is to pack your shoes inside of a shower cap so that all the germs from their soles doesn't contaminate your summer clothes.

Keep it pretty! One of the most common activities during trips is taking pictures, you will want to look as sharp as possible without having to take your entire makeup collection along with you. That's why you will definitely need the Satina Professional Cosmetic Brush Set, you will have 4 of the most used makeup brushes (powder, eyeshadow, smudge and angled eye liner) plus they come in a convenient case which makes it easier to travel.

Say "Bon Voyage" to Bad Hair Days!
Keep your hair in place, pin your bangs or simply add that missing touch to any hairstyle. These Spornette Head Case Hair Accessory pins will be perfect to do the task! Wear them day or night and never worry about a bad hair day.

Stay cool!
Always stay hydrated. Keep your water bottle close to you, specially when exposing yourself to the sun.

Stay under control!

This Corioliss Mini Vintage Blue Dryer not only it is super cute, it also comes in the perfect travel size. You'll never know how your hair will under different climate conditions, 
that's why a travel hairdryer is always a must, to style and manage rebel hair! 

                                  Style it!
Last but not least do not forget to take a hair brush with you. You don't want to look like a cave woman on your pictures. Choose one that's light and versatile like the Hana K. Boar Bristle Hair Brush which is designed for all hair types and textures, and will allow you to style, finish, and detangle with just one brush.

Stay Safe!

Wether traveling near or far, please remember to stay safe. There's always someone waiting for you back home!
Is there an item you cannot travel without? Please tell us on the comments section below.


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