Summer Essentials

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Summer is almost here! We are super excited about this season: the sun, the fun, the beach, the heat, the colors! Here is our list of this summer essentials, those things that you won't be able get by without on this summer.

1. Braids & Buns: Braids are the ultimate must wear on your hair for the summer time, they will help keep your hair in place while you are running around, they will save you time so that you can have more fun during the day.
Buns will help you keep your hair away and keep your body fresh, when you combine the buns with the braids in what we like to call a Braided Bun you get an unique hairstyle that looks chic and it's really versatile.
Here is a tutorial we did on a Glam Braided Bun!

2. Sunnies: Protect your eyes from the UV rays while looking good, go for neon colors to add a pop of color to any outfit.

3. Brushlab Fresh Brushes: Their Ceramic Barrel evenly distributes heat to prevent damage, you want to show your hair a little extra care during the summer time as the sun exposure might harm it. Get the brushes here.

4. Shorts: Well is hot outside, shorts are the must wear item from your closet. Go for  high-waisted shorts to make your legs look longer.

5. Hair Accessories:  You will want to rock your curls this summer, make any ordinary hairstyle stand out from the crowd by incorporating a hair accessory. You can get these Spornette Hair-Case Accessories by clicking here.


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