Favorite Possible Prom Hairstyles

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Feminine Hair Crown.
For Long to Medium Hair lengths.
This hair-crown gives you such a feminine and classic look, it will go great with any dress you pair it with!
You can even do it at home if you want! First use a paddle brush to smooth your roots, like the Brushlab Oval Cushion Hair Brush,  then braid sections from the sides of your head and tuck the two pieces with a bobby pin. Finish with hairspray and you're good to go!

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Classic Waves.

For Long, Medium or Short Hair Lengths.
For an edgier look, letting your hair loose is always the easiest and most comfortable option. Loose hair with waves give a girl a mysterious appeal, and it works great both with dresses that are dark or completely vibrant! The best part, you won't have to worry about messing your hair up! You can create the waves either with a curling iron, like the Corioliss Glamour Red Wand, or with a flat iron, like the Hair Art Classic Straightening Iron.

So Perfect for a Midweek Date Night: Rebecca Hall's Tousled Wavy Lob`
 Classic Waves seen on short hair.

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Nothing looks more elegant than a deep side part. This hairstyle can be played around with so much; the combinations are limitless! Again this hairstyle is mostly seen on people with longer hair, but a deep side part can totally be rocked with short hair. Actually, it looks pretty edgy and chic. So play around with this hairstyle and you'll look super clean and classic, or edgy and chic. To get the look, just part your hair with the back of a rat tail comb, like the Hair Art Rat Tail Comb, and style it as desired.

A deep side-part makes this pretty Parisian's style even more sophisticated. #MarionCotillard

No matter which hairstyle you choose to go with, don't worry too much! You'll look beautiful and flawless at your prom! 


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