Le créme

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In  this fat free world skim milk and lattes reign among us. It is so weird to hear the word cream, and many of us are even afraid of it. This is not the case of cream blush which is going through a revival phase. We saw it on so many makeup looks at the spring 2013's runways that we want to share with you some tips on how to achieve a perfect application. 

If you are afraid that cream blush will look too streaky, skip the fingers and blend with a brush.
According to makeup artist  Dick Page buffing the blush on with a fluffy brush is the key to a great application. We recommend using our BrushLab VOA Collection Blush Brush (tricky tongue twister) and dipping the bristles right on the cream when applying it to your cheek bones. A good thing about cream blush is that it will allow you to blend 2 or 3 shades unto you reach that perfect tone.



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