Blow-dry Bars? A trend?

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We have a trend question for all our wonderful readers. Have you ever heard of a blow dry bar? If you haven't, a blow dry bar is a hair salon where you get your hair washed (optional) then styled, and nothing else. This idea has been around for a while and is even seen in salons across Asia, however, celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe has recently brought popularity on blow-dry bars.

Prices vary from bar to bar, but most range in the $25-$30 per session. There are hairstyles that you can easily choose from a catalog-like menu, including the latest hair trends, and then you get your hair done in that manner. The time it takes varies on the hairstyle that you want. We think this is pretty ingenious. Women who have time, money, or both can easily get their hair done for work, school or other such special occasions.
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Rachel Zoe might be the first celeb to open her own blow-dry bar but now celeb mommy Gwyneth Paltrow is planning on opening a blow-dry bar of her own with her trainer. So is this a new trend among celebrities? If there is a blow-dry bar near you, would you consider going?


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