Paris Fashion Week and Hair

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Well we have a lot to say about Paris fashion week. There were so many memorable shows and the possible trend setters that we saw were super intriguing. However, aside from all the flawless runway shows and fabulous designer samples, there are other factors that made fashion week very memorable. We discuss the best and weirdest hair from PFW down below. 

This super sleek and straight hairstyle was seen at the Leonard show. It may seem boring for Paris Fashion Week but we find that this is one of the most practical hairstyles. You can easily use this hairstyle for day activities such as school or work and then switch to a nice and elegant night look - just add some bold makeup!

Glossy and smooth with a bow at Alexis Mabille. This hairstyle has a dramatic part at the sides. With the added bow, this hairstyle is perfect for young adults who want to change something, without a dramatic difference. 

Now to start off our weird category, we begin with the hairstyle from Givenchy. A floral and powdery look that slightly resembles a 50s shower cap, this hairstyle is definitely a top contender for the weirdest look. 

As for the hair seen at Rick Owens, words need no further explanation. This mess of a hairstyle stays engraved in your memory forever.

Jean Paul Gaultier went someplace we never wanted to revisit. After the 'Achy Breaky Heart' days, we thought this was the last of Business in the Front, Party in the Back. However, it's come to haunt us once again.

So what do you think was the weirdest of the bunch?

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