Beauty and Sleep

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There's probably a few people that feel they aren't getting enough sleep while reading this. We're also guilty of not getting enough shut eye.

When it comes to sleep and health, sleep will cure or fix anything that's going wrong with your body. While you’re fast asleep, your body makes repairs from the taxing day that you've had. When you’re in deep sleep human growth hormone production increases. Your normal release of this hormone helps in healing cells and tissues throughout your body, including the ones needed for your skin.

Not getting enough sleep cuts that crucial repair time short, which can wreak havoc on your skin. Fine lines become more prominent, dark circles crop up and your complexion turns pale, dull and droopy. Getting the beauty sleep that you deserve makes you appear more attractive.

Also, your immune system also becomes compromised when miss your rest. That doesn’t just leave you more vulnerable to sickness though. This affects collagen production and collagen helps your skin stay nice and taught, not saggy and dull. When you miss out on your beauty sleep, the collagen in your facial muscles tense up, this causes wrinkles and fine lines to increase and look more noticeable. 

Sleep is the body's natural beauty treatment. Rather than shelling out cash on expensive creams or relying heavily on concealer and coffee, try pulling a Sleeping Beauty and getting a full night’s rest instead.


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