The Hair Therapy Wrap

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We love the Hair Therapy Wrap! It's so useful and effective, we couldn't resist writing about it. If you haven't heard about the Hair Therapy Wrap, and you're confused as to what I'm referring to, then you're about to learn about something that could change your life.

The Hair Therapy Wrap is like a mini sauna for your head. It uses heat, which is completely safe for your hair, to relax your locks. It doesn't damage or kill your hair but instead relaxes and makes it look sleeker and healthier. What's also great about this is that it's also mobile! The Hair Therapy Wrap doesn't use any electric cords or wires, not even batteries! This amazing mini sauna uses gel packs to create steam, which is what heats your hair.

 If you have dry, damaged, or over processed hair then the Hair Therapy Wrap is perfect for you! The Hair Therapy Wrap works extremely well with deep treatments, hot oils or reconstructors. We recommend the using the wrap with your favorite hot oil or deep conditioning; the wrap helps activate ingredients in oil and conditioners which is why it is so effective. 

One size fits most! Your hair will feel extremely soft and supple, guaranteed that you won’t be able to keep your hands out of your hair! lt will feel strong, super soft, fluffy and smooth once it was completely air dried. 

  • The Hair Therapy Wrap is a reusable heated hair wrap.
  • Place a gel pack in each pocket of the Hair Therapy Wrap.
  • There are 2 rounded side gel packs and 1 middle gel pack.
  • Make sure that gel packs lay flat in each compartment.
  • Heat to desired temperature in a microwave. (See heating instructions)
1. Place disposable inner plastic cap on head.
2. Fit Hair Therapy Wrap over plastic cap with tail part towards back.
3. Then at the base of the neck, simply twist the fabric firmly for a snug, drip-proof fit.
4. Use the hook and loop strip to secure tail on the top of the wrap.

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