Reverse Ombre

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Last week we mentioned how the ombre hair trend was starting to overwhelm us. Especially the bad ombre hair styles. This week is a little bit different, we’re going to talk about the reverse ombre hair trend. The first time I saw this trend, it sounded interesting. However, once I actually saw what it actually looked like on hair I disliked it immediately.

The hairs roots are very light and gradually darken towards the tips. It sounds like this trend is more for women with lighter hair. If someone with dark hair, like dark brown or black, tried this trend, it would be impossible for them.

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The gradual change is great and looks good! However, the extreme contrast makes it look strange and awkward.

This hair trend seems to require a lot of upkeep. The roots have to be constantly retouched, the ends, which naturally lighten, need to be darkened. The amount of money and time needed for this hair trend is tiring. Save yourself the hassle and just stay with a great color and cut.


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