Enough with Ombre

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For months now, the Ombre hair trend has appeared everywhere in many different forms. We regretfully admit that we are starting to get a little tired of it, but something about this hair style keeps us hanging in there and supporting the trend!

Many women are getting a bad dye job. The point of ombre hair is to gradually fade into another color, not just have grown in roots! A little piece of advice, if you are not EXTREMELY good at doing your own hair, go to a stylist and have a professional do this for you! Mainly because the colors should blend correctly and it is difficult to get the right color blonde to go with your hair and skin coloring. There are certain shades of blonde that make us cringe. Caramel and gold are blondes done right! Ombre doesn’t stand for orange. Keep that in mind.

If you have dark brown or black hair, adding blonde to your locks could look very abrupt. Be careful not to over bleach your ends! It’d be better to use lighter browns or to add small strands of blonde rather than to have a full bottom layer of blonde.

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A great example of the ombre hair trend done right is on one of our fav gals, Jessica Beil. The caramel strands of blonde compliment her dark naturally beautiful hair color. She also has lighter browns added to different sections of her hair. This gradient effect is what ombre hair should be about! Drew Barrymore’s over killed ombre. Her blonde hair just starts and there’s no sign of an ombre effect.


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