Hair Trend: Hair Chalking

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If you follow Brushlove on Facebook, you may already know that we fell in love with incorporating streaks of bright fun colors into hair after Lauren Conrad beautifully “tie-dyed” her hair back in July of 2011. Since then, the concept of Hair Chalking has emerged and grown increasingly popular!

This is the perfect move for you if you are interested in trying something fun and different without making a serious commitment to a permanent hair color.

The chalk can be purchased from your local craft store or you can buy a hair specific chalk from! You will find many fabulous colors there to keep you occupied. Each individual color is $11.99 or you can buy the Salon Kit of 8 colors for $69.99.

Tips: We have found that color shows up better and stays longer on blonde hair. If you have blonde hair, refrain from wetting the chalk and your hair first. If you wet your hair, the color may take a few extra days to wash out. For those of you with darker hair, you should mist your hair and wet the chalk a bit so the color will show up.


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