Father's Day Gift Guide

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In the world of hair products, we tend to forget that even the most rugged of dads need to brush their hair! Men can easily round up tools to grill, work in the backyard and in the workshop but not so easily find tools for personal grooming. With that being said, we have rounded up a few of our Father’s Day favorites! Help dad out this year and find him a new brush (so he can stop stealing yours)!

For the Athletic Dad:
The athletic dad goes to the gym on his lunch break and is constantly active on the weekends, whether it be coaching his kid’s baseball game or taking personal time to run the local trails. After a rough workout outside a heavy duty brush is always important to brush through and withstand sweat and grime! The Hana K Boar Bristle Hair Brush will do just that.

For the Dedicated Dad:
Every dedicated Dad should have a brush that has it all! The Brushlab Fresh Oval Cushion brush has a comfortable cushion and 100% natural cut boar bristles that will contour to the scalp as well as Brushlab’s signature cozi grip to brush with ease.

For the Metro Dad:
For the Dad that always likes to look put together, the Denman 9 Row Heavyweight brush is that way to go. This brush is static resistant to ensure that there will not be one hair out of place. The curved shape of the cushioned pad controls the hair for better styling and shaping.

For the Work-A-Holic Dad:
The Cricket Carbon Comb is easy to store in a brief case or in the small desk drawer. It is the perfect tool for a quick comb through when Dad is in a hurry to be in a meeting or get to work. This particular comb has longer teeth which make it great for Dad’s with curly or thick hair.


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