Hair Tips For Summer

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As much as we all love summer and the perks of beautiful, warm and sunny weather, out of all the seasons, summer definitely does the most amount of damage to hair. To help keep damage to a minimum, we have put together a list of 10 tips that your hair will thank you for following!

1. Your hair is most fragile when wet. After a dunk in the pool or ocean, use a wide tooth comb to brush out the knots. Try to refrain from putting up in a pony tail or braid until hair is dry!

2. Use a deep conditioner after a day at the beach! The sun takes a lot of your hairs natural moisture, the deep conditioner will help bring it back to life.

3. Bring a hat to the beach or pool. Wear it if you feel like your scalp may be getting too much sun!

4. Take a small amount of sun tan lotion and put on your ends to prevent ends from drying and splitting.

5. Let your hair air-dry instead of using hot styling tools everyday.

6. Use creams with UV protection…comb through your hair while at the beach! A great product to try is Warren-Tricomi Protect Organic Hair Shield.

7. Use those showers at the beach! Rinse out your hair during the course of your beach day, especially after going in the ocean. The salt water really dries out hair, especially color treated hair!

8. Take advantage of fresh summer cuisine! Eat plenty of raw and natural foods. Salads, fruits, fish and nuts all contain essential proteins that will increase your hairs natural shine and strength.

9. Try and limit the use of hair bands. To get hair out of your face, try a clip or bobby pins instead! Hair bands if tied to tight can break hair!

10. Start the summer off fresh with a nice trim to eliminate any dead ends accumulated from the winter months!

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