February Superfood: Carrots

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Many, actually the majority of the population come up with a New Year's resolution to eat healthier and loose weight. For those of you that have slowly but surely fallen off the path of healthy eating, this month’s super food may give you a bit more guidance!

Snacking is a downfall for most people. Instead of healthy snacks, popular salty, sugary and fatty snacks with empty calories take over the supermarkets and go into the hands of many many Americans. Carrots are one the easiest vegetables to snack on throughout the day! The crunchy texture makes you really have to chew and ultimately decrease the urge to keep snacking later on in the day.

The most important vitamins for maintaining healthy hair, skin and nails are Vitamins C, E and B. Carrots are extremely rich in all of these vitamins plus Beta Carotene which breaks down in Vitamin A. All are essential in maintaining a healthy scalp and radiant skin. Beta Carotene helps your hair produce natural oils which make your hair shine and prevent it from drying out. This is extremely important to keep in mind if you color or highlight your hair! Color processes significantly dry out hair. Vitamins C and E mainly help increase scalp circulation, overall preventing hair loss and premature graying in some cases. Lastly, Vitamin B is one of the most important for healthy hair and nail growth. If you are Vitamin B deficient, you will more than likely be able to tell by the luster and texture of your hair and nails.

Next time you reach for a bag of M&M’s or Potato Chips think twice and do not consume the empty calories! Incorporate a healthy snack like Carrots which will not only keep you on the fast track to loosing weight; it will also benefit your hair and skin too!

Image from: diet.ygoy.com


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