2012 Grammy Awards - The Outfits We Didn't Really Love

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Last night at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards, plenty of memorable events took place despite the somber atmosphere many may have expected due to the sudden tragic death of beloved singer Whitney Houston. Jennifer Hudson sang “I Will Always Love You” beautifully in Whitney’s memory. Hudson singing this piece was extremely fitting since Houston presented her with her first Grammy back in 2008. LL Cool Jay also led the crowd in prayer. British artist, Adele left with not 1 but 6 Grammy’s! Amazing! Overall the night was a true success minus some of our most hated outfits to cross the red carpet. I mean there always has to be a few at every awards show, right?

To make our not like list: Lady Gaga, Nikki Minaj, Fergie and Robyn. Now if you watched the awards show, and saw these ladies on the red carpet, we really shouldn’t have to explain our thoughts on their outfits. But we will. Lady Gaga and Nikki have one thing in common. Both artists have alter egos. Have whatever split personality you want, but it has really gone over the top. Both of them looked like something straight out of a horror movie and we are getting bored of the entire act. It may surprise everyone more if you showed up looking normal for once. Fergie looked like a walking lace orange. Jean Paul Gaultier is an amazing designer but this dress was not for you! It was way too orange and way too see through. Last but not least, Robyn. Platform Timberland looking shoes, really?! A tight horrendous white dress with absolutely no accessories to dress it up! And what was with that train hanging off the back!? There are no words to describe the complete shock. Thankfully there were so many more important events taking place that the media’s full attention may have been a little less concerned about these red carpet travesties.


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