New Product Buzz : Jonathan Dry Shampoo

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We can’t stress enough the importance of not washing your hair everyday. You are probably thinking, there is no way that I can go a day with out washing. Well, coming from a gal whose hair is pretty and clean in the morning, by 5pm will be greasy and disgusting. So with that being said, listen up! The natural oils that your hair produces are necessary for hair growth and shine no matter how you look at it. Your hair needs time to absorb these oils. Jonathan came up with a unique idea to incorporate a brush on applicator which actually allows you evenly distribute the powder onto your root. This nifty product cleanses and refreshes the scalp and manages to add a little bit of oomph to the root for volume! Even though not washing your hair sounds like the next worst thing, to working through the weekends, try it out and extend the life of your blow out! Your hair will thank you!

Available on for $18.98.


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