Old Hollywood Will Never Get Old

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During this time of year, the classic Holiday movies will never get old. By classic I mean the real black and white filmed movies with singing and dancing that portray the true value and meaning of the holidays! After watching White Christmas, Holiday Inn, It’s A Wonderful Life and Miracle On 34th Street again, it became apparent that the old Hollywood hairstyles are making appearances with celebs such as Scarlett Johansson, Katy Perry, Amanda Seyfried, Katherine Heigel, Kate Bosworth, Charlize Theron and Eva Longoria! These fabulous ladies have walked the red carpet with gorgeous modern hairstyles resembling many old Hollywood hair trends! Pinning the soft curls on the side will not only keep the hair out of your face and easily stay in place all day. Try out this style to look traditional and festive for all your Holiday parties and family dinners!


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