November Superfood - Oysters

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Every month, we’ll review a super food that has been shown to be good not only for your hair, but good for your taste buds as well.
For November, our first super food post will be on – Oysters.

I know, you may be thinking “Ew, no way!” Oysters are definitely an acquired taste, but we just happen to love them! They’ve got to be cold and fresh, from a high-trafficked (and clean) oyster bar or seafood purveyor that sell right off the boat. Once you get the hang of the “scoop & slurp” method of eating them raw – yes, that’s right, raw is the way to go – you’ll begin to appreciate the indescribably salty, refreshing, oceanic taste of a Long Island Blue Point or a West Coast Kumamoto. Be sure to add a splash of lemon and, perhaps, a drop of hot sauce if you want an added kick!

The health benefits of Oysters come from its naturally occurring Zinc, which has been known to relieve mild skin ailments and wounds, aid white blood cell and collagen production (, metabolize testosterone in men - thus, the “aphrodisiac” label - and help with cognitive and memory functions. There is also evidence suggesting that zinc deficiency may result in the weakening of the hair shaft, resulting in increased hair loss and shedding.
Proper amounts of zinc in your diet can help maintain the oil-secreting glands of your hair follicles, decreasing the chance of excess shedding and improving the overall health and shine of your hair.

The term “a little goes a long way” couldn’t prove more true in this case. The recommended daily dose of zinc is 15 mgs, so too much of it will not be beneficial, it may even have a reverse effect. The usable zinc in Oysters is natural and easily absorbed, so an occasional visit to your favorite oyster bar should do the trick, in addition to maintaining a balanced diet, of course. Again, make sure those oysters are fresh and cold… and then scoop, slurp and enjoy the amazingly complex and refreshing taste of this jewel of the sea!


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