Get Your Hair Through Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is a big family holiday where we get to eat lots and share fond memories with our loved ones. Not only are you going to want to wear something fashionably comfortable, especially if you plan on doing some major house hopping, your hair will need a little love as well.

We are big fans of a little bling from time to time, but let’s keep it simple. If you’re doing the turkey yourself, we propose some accessories that will simultaneously keep your hair out of your face (and the gravy!) The holiday season is the perfect time to sparkle! A blingy barrette or hair pins will add some jazz to an otherwise bland look or compliment a dressy look if you decide to outdo yourself this year.

One of our favorites of the moment are these Crystal Hair Pins by Tasha available at for $28.00. Simple, but beautiful.

Another favorite of ours is the hair accessories line from Bexy Hair. Again, simply elegant. Available at

You can curl your hair or leave it straight. That all depends on the look you are going for and how much time you have. Keep in mind you need this look to last for the day so maybe not the curls! Take a small section of hair to pin back for a delicate look or take a larger section to make a bigger statement. You can also braid the sections of hair for a more bohemian look!


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