3 simple methods to make you look younger

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Everyone wants to look younger! It's just a fact that most women want that
youthful glow back! There are so many different methods available today that can
help you look younger, such as expensive skincare tools and serums. However,
most women overlook one MAJOR feature that can help change your look
completely. The answer lies in your hair!

We have provided 3 simple at home methods to make you look younger with out
a price tag!

The First Method

careless manner. However, whatMost women usually tie their hair in a quick and
most women don't know is that tying your hair in a way that matches your eyes
will greatly affect your overall appearance. Tying your hair in a tight ponytail may
give you a sleeker cat like appearance. You will be highlighting your cheek bones
and reflecting a stronger, fierce image. Hair that isn't tied usually gives a softer
persona. Your eyes look a little softer and exude a gentler appearance.

The Second Method

Self made hair accessories will definitely give you a younger image! You won't
need to buy anything. The purpose of this is to use your own hair. W

how to make a hairmade hair band and a hair bow!e'll show you

How To: Hair band

1. Braid the hairs that are closest to your ears. Do this for both the left side and right side.

2. Bring the two braids together and twist them together where the ends meet.

3. Secure with a bobby pin!

How To: Hair bow

1. Grab the desired amount of hair
that you want, from the part of your head
where you would like your hair bow to be

2. Tie that portion of your hair tightly

3. Ten twist your hair around until it forms a mini bun.

4. Take a hair tie, and tie the middle portion of the hair to form a sideways 8

5. Now if your hair bow isn't the desired shape, then just use some bobby pins and pin the ends of the hair bow to the desired shape that you want!

The Third Method
Bangs are a big factor helping you shed years off your face! Since bang cutting can
become a bit costly, we'll tell you a simple way to cut your bangs at home…safely!

Just make sure to have good sharp pair of scissors!

Before you start, make sure to part your hair in a manner that is flattering but
suits your face shape. If you have a wider forehead, it would be better to part
your hair in a way so that your bangs look shorter. If you have a narrow forehead, it
would be better to set your part further from your hairline to give the illusion or a
larger forehead! Tie your hair back after you finish parting your hair!

Side Bang

1. Make sure to measure how long your bangs will be. It will look more flattering if your bangs reach the tip of your nose or your cheek bone.

2. Swing your bangs towards your ear. If you want your side bangs to be on the right when finished, make sure to swing towards the left. And vice versa.

3. Hold your hair so that your thumb will be able to hold all of your hair for your bangs

4. Cut around, in the shape of your thumb

5. You are finished! Easy and simple.

Full Bang

1. Take the desired amount of hair for your bangs

2. This time, measure so that your hair reaches to just about underneath your

3. Again cut around your thumb. (In the shape of your thumb.)

4. And you're done!

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