Scary Hair Moments

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To keep with the season of scary costumes, haunted houses and scary hayrides, we saw it fitting to rate hairstyles from various movies throughout the years on a scary factor of 1-10; one being not so scary and 10 being, well extremely scary.

Our list is as follows; try not to be too horrified. ;)

Oh, and please note, we are specifically ONLY referring to the hair and not judging the movies based on content.

Now, there is such a thing as a chic pulled back bun and then there is this Chris Tucker as Rudy Rod in “The Fifth Element”. His hair looks like he dipped his whole head in bleach, never conditioned and was aiming to have an oversized cheese doodle on his head (the white cheddar kind). This is not advised, especially paired with cheetah print.

Scary Factor: 9

Messy, voluminous waves are highly sought after. This look can actually be worn on a red carpet! Celebrities such as Diana Argon and Blake Lively have sported it on numerous occasions. Edward Scissorhands on the other hand, looks like he hasn’t brushed his hair in years after going through a wind tunnel…multiple running speed. As Johnny Depp fans we are going to cut him some slack and rate his scary factor in a bias manner, taking into consideration our huge crush.

Scary Factor: 7

Speaking of cheese doodles…we will never understand what Marge was going for with her signature blue, very much vertical hairstyle. Blue highlights…YES! Blue tips…YES! Blue cheese doodle…NO! At least she knew how to accessorize. ;)

Scary factor: 8

Dear Colin Farrel (Horrible Bosses), comb overs are NEVER acceptable! We have come to accept the style of “comb over” due to the simple fact that most of our grandfathers are the culprits, and they are way to cute to criticize. Colin, your hair is not grey here so NOT okay!

Scary factor: 6

Now, I know I said we would stick to movies, but this picture might as well been part of some scary movie. Poor Nick Nolte! This may possibly be one of the worst mug shots ever taken in the history of the world. You look like you had not showered in months. We understand you were not in the right state of mind, but come on.

Scary factor: 10 (Because this is real life and not a movie)


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