Tela Beauty Organics!

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Organic products are a continually gaining more and more popularity. As
consumers become more educated on organic foods and beauty related products,
they are realizing that you do not have to be a tree hugging fanatic to truly support
the world of organics!

Tela Beauty Organics is a brand that offers hair and skin care products packed
with natural ingredients that effectively restore, moisturize, cleanse and protect
your hair, scalp and skin. The main acting ingredients in Tela’s Shampoo
and Conditioner are Reishi Mushroom and Sea Buckthron Berry. These two
ingredients together restore hair by protecting it from daily pollutants and
chemicals in the environment. Both are also rich in Vitamins A, E and C which
help trap in moisture to keep your hair strong and heal damaged follicles!

After I tried out the Balance Organic Shampoo and Conditioner, for normal hair,
I noticed changes in my hair after the first use. Both were gentle yet effective,
leaving my hair knot free, moisturized and re-hydrated which made styling easy.
This dynamic shampoo and conditioner combo are perfect for every day use and
do not leave your hair feeling saturated!

Tela also offers a wide variety of different shampoos and conditioners for curly,
color treated and thin hair. Don’t forget to check out the various deep conditioners
as well!

Now available for purchase on, for $39.98.


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