Yummy Scented Denman brushes

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The Denman scented brushes are oddly appealing and have the classic Denman vibe to them. However, these unique and fun brushes have a little more to offer. For one, these brushes have a brightly colored cushion, and also come with a fruit design that corresponds to each brush’s fruit fragrance. No matter the age, women and young ladies alike will instantly fall in love with the appealing design and pleasant smell.

The Denman brushes are available in 6 scents: Strawberry, Orange, Lemon, Apple, Coconut and Dewberry. The scented brushes also have close set pin patterns for maximum control while brushing through your hair. The anti static rubber cushion, as well as the smooth round ended pins allow for a snag-free styling.The scented Denman brushes also feature the classic teardrop handle.

They are available for purchase at brushlove.com.


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