CASH MONEY - Is Money a Suitable Birthday Gift for a Significant Other?

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We are called the Brush LOVERS Blog for a reason and it is not just because we love hair! Since we help make you beautiful, we feel as if we also need to throw in our few cents on real life topics such as LOVE. Get it… Brush LOVERS!!!

If we could pick one topic in life that almost always has a grey area, it would be dating and relationships. We will be writing about personal experiences, ‘grey area’ relationship topics and dating beauty advice! Yes, you will have to deal with our opinions on occasion but we will provide honest unbiased advice!

If the yearly dilemma of the perfect birthday gift is not considered one of the top grey area subjects in a relationship than I don’t know what is! Before I get into this, let me clarify what exactly we are getting at with this grey area term. A grey area would be classified as a state of fogginess and being unclear as to which direction one should take. Now, we present the question of the week. Is it suitable to gift money as a birthday present?

A lot of people consider a money gift thoughtless and impersonal. This group would say gifting money to a distant cousin or an “aunt and uncle” that you call aunt and uncle but are not related to you at all is perfectly fine. Gifting someone whom you consider your boyfriend or girlfriend is not. Others would disagree, presenting the opinion that money is a great gift! No one wants to get a gift that isn’t needed and hated, which is why money is the perfect way of saying, here, I want you to spend this and get something really special.

The office poll concluded:

Across the board: By no means is it acceptable to gift money to a significant other for your first birthdays together! Spare the drama. Don’t do it!

Money is totally fine as a birthday present: 63%

There were several interesting suggestions that this group mentioned. The monetary value does make a difference. Not saying you should be giving thousands, but we do feel that giving $25.00 is not okay. That is not only a stupid move, and you will NEVER hear the end of it if you still have a gf/bf after that, but you prove yourself to be a cheap thoughtless person when giving money could actually be very sincere and thoughtful gesture. The money gifters stated that they truly want their significant other to spend the money on something truly wanted and needed, even if that is putting it away to save! For a future…(hint hint, nudge nudge)!

No way! Money is not an appropriate gift for a birthday: 37%

This group was adamant on the fact that it is impersonal, thoughtless and lazy to gift money. Get a gift with a gift receipt, and if all else fails, return and exchange for something he/she may want or need. If you do not have any idea where to buy a gift your S.O. would like and/or find a replacement gift if the original didn’t work out, than that is a very bad sign. It shows us that you need to take your head out of the clouds and pay attention.


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