101 Degrees Today in Central Park...

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For all you east coasters, I’m positive you are as uncomfortable as we are in this sweltering heat! You may be thinking something along the lines of “it is absolutely pointless to attempt styling my hair” or “just stick me in a pool and make me not look like a prune when I get out!" For most of you with jobs, this morning going the pool just was not an option and neither was picking up a hairdryer. However, I did decide to try my newest hair product from Nick Chavez called “Wip-It N2 Styling Foam”! Nick, you saved me! The bottle being similar in shape to a Reddi-Wip container was a huge plus as I am a nut when it comes to that stuff. SO GOOD! Seriously speaking though, the Wip-It N2 foam was not sticky at all and it helped add a slight textured wave when applied to my damp hair. My hair actually did not frizz up the second I walked outside into the sauna! Yes, a sauna is how I would compare our climactic conditions right now. This hair/life saving product can be purchased on QVC.com for $24.25 (before shipping). Highly recommend!

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