Round Hair Brushes

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Round brushes: Small to medium round, or barreled hair brushes work best on shorter hair, while big barreled hair brushes are often favored by hairdressers for blow-drying medium-length to long hair. Round hair brushes are mostly used to give texture or curl to shorter hair, and the golden rule is the smaller the hair brush barrel, the tighter the curl. To add definition to shorter, layered styles, apply mousse and then use a round brush to style the hair. You can shape it with your fingers and finish off the ends with a little wax or gel. If you want to give the hair more body and lift, set it on rollers first.

For medium-length to long hair you'll need a chunky barreled hair brush. When styling, start at the roots and be careful not to wrap a big section of hair around the brush - otherwise you could get into a tangled mess

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